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frequently asked questions


currently, we reside in provo, utah!
but are always just an airplane ride away;)

where are you located??

YES, yes, && YESSSS!!!!
we specialize in destination photo sessions && traveling is OUR thing! 
(they're our favourite, shhhhh don't tell!)

do you travel??

with our travel expenses, we account for one or two of us, (need-based) depending on the location, the fee includes: (domestic) flight, 2 nights in a hotel, food per diem, && a rental car, or (international) flight, 5 nights in a hotel, food per diem, && a rental car.  

what are your travel expenses?

what should i wear?

not to worry, dahhhling! we have a guide that will help you decide which outfits to choose!

we suggest finding a place that you love and/or has special meaning for you. if needs be, we can definitely help you scout for a location in your area. 

how do i choose a location?

we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your date! we accept payment through venmo, paypal, cash, or check!

how do i pay?

we really value our clients, as well as our time and energy. we believe our prices are a reflection of the amazing experience we provide. to be fair to all, our prices won't be discounted. 

can i get a discount?

tbh, we're just as excited as you! the second we get home from a shoot, we're uploading photos. you'll receive your previews within a week, and the entire gallery within a month.

how soon will i receive my gallery??

it depends what your session is and how long it is!
empowerment portraits: 50 // adventure couples: 50 // half day adventure couples: 75 // elopement // wedding: 200+

all are edited, high resolution photos in a beautiful online gallery 

how many images will we receive?

we hate the idea of changing the way you look!
so, no. we will not photoshop your beautiful body.
if you have acne, or something else that will be gone within 2 weeks, we can remove those at your request.

will you photoshop us?

a big part of what makes paper airplanes photography us is our editing style! it's our art, and as such, you are investing in us! if you don't like the edits on our page, we'd recommend going with a different photographer. we never give out raw files.

can i get the raw files?

tayla && Jake

I was led by fate to choose alexi and morgan as our photographers and I couldnt be happier. our pictures came back even more magical than we could imagine. alexi was like a professional BFF and made taking the pictures so much fun. she knew exactly what to say to hype us up and helped us feel so comfortable. her work with the camera is AMAZING and i’ve never felt more beautiful than in her pictures. she is hardworking, honest and just all around lovely. you won’t regret choosing her for your photographer 

professional bff

annablel && caleb

wow the photos are looking stunning (: we were blessed to have found you guys (:

blessed to have found you


i did it to embrace my curves and muffin top - to embrace EVERY gorgeous part of my body i once considered "flawed."
i did it to unconditionally love myself more.

so many emotions flooded my heart and head

katelyn && chris

lexi and morgan have a gift working with people.  they’re fabulous with a camera. and they have a knack for finding EPIC photo shoot locations. (my fiancé and I wanted engagement photos along the california coast, but we didn’t have a specific location in mind. (they found the perfect spot!) in short, hire them now! :)

a gift working with people


the most stunning

the gram

C H E C K   O U T