candid connection, artistic flair, && genuine feels

choosing a photographer for your big day, or to capture your relationship on those every day moments -- it's a big deal--&& it's not easy. straight up, we realize that our style isn't for everyone -- && we honestly want you to find a perfect match!
overall, our style is emotive, creative, adventurous, && focused on your connection...
ultimately, we're here to capture YOU - however you are. because being you is something worth celebrating!

you're our kinda people if you:
☀︎ wanna get artsy
☀︎ are willing to step out of your comfort zone
☀︎ desire an adventure!
☀︎ are cool with getting muddy, windswept, rained on, etc
☀︎ want photos of the REAL you
☀︎ love nature

that sounds like us!!!

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come sit in my chair
in front of my camera

can we say one more thing???
we truly believe that it is our job to help you feel comfortable, less stressed, and special.
this is about:creating an experience. becoming friends. sharing a memory.

client love

we love you!!!

kate && casey

i love these so much!! i really am so grateful. these pictures are so beautiful and make us so unbelievably happy. they're literally every background i have LOL!

i'm  dead dead DEAD!!


it was such a powerful experience that i could never forget

changed the way i view myself

vivian && Ed

oh my gosh... these are beautiful!! my whole family just had a wonderful time with you and morgan. you both are AMAZING! omg...thank you and morgan for absolutely EVERYTHING!

you both are AMAZING!

meeshell & jonathan

alexi was wonderful to work with! she did an amazing job at helping us feel comfortable and confident. <3 the photos were breathtaking. <3 highly recommend!


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the gram

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