welcome, gorgeous humans!!!

adventurous, emotive && authentic destination photographers

hi! i'm alexi!

photography is such a beautiful way to tell a story, express myself, and to communicate messages i want to share with the world.

i'm passionate about creating a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.
i'm passionate about capturing your essence in your current state.
i'm passionate about empowering you.
i'm passionate about celebrating you.

my favourite things:

☀︎ passport stamps

☀︎ disneyland

☀︎ mixed drinks

☀︎ Jesus

☀︎ scuba diving

☀︎ mother earth

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you'll leave changed

i got more out of this shoot than i can put into words. but if you are open to trying something new, they are extremely gifted and i promise you'll leave changed.

marisa && jake

paper airplanes photography is the BEST. alexi and morgan are amazing photographers and have an incredible energy that puts you at ease. they are super fun to work with and know how to capture authentic moments that result in beautiful photos. definitely recommend!

capture authentic moments

kayden & sydney

the best to work with. photos are jaw dropping. literally. love love love 🤍🤍🤍

photos are jaw dropping. literally.

hailee && sam

alexi and morgan will not only make you feel SO comfortable in front of the camera they will also make you feel SO empowered and beautiful! i will always cherish these photos! i can’t recommend paper airplanes enough!! love love LOVE them!!

it’s a whole experience


alexi is one of the best human beings i've met. she made me feel super comfortable for my first ever shoot and was very easy to work with and helped a lot in posing. the pictures turned out wonderful thanks to her skills and also her talent at making models feel at ease! she also edited and uploaded the gallery quickly. amazing, amazing!!

one of the best humans

kendall && zac

makes me so happy!

the gram

C H E C K   O U T