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home, in monterey

xoxo, paper airplanes

i'm alexi.
i truly love my life.

innately, i feel a responsibility and deep conviction to make a positive impact in the short time i have on this beautiful earth.
& i feel a resounding purpose specifically in empowering women. 

i am drawn to beauty.
beauty within a soul, in the glimmer on the surface of the ocean, in the embrace of human connection.
for years, i've noticed, chased, and documented this beauty around the world.
life in itself is art.

monterey bay is currently home, where i share space and time with my kind & gentle husband, and vivacious mini golden doodle, zero.

things that bring me joy:
⋒ chocolate chip cookie dough
⋒ forming connections with strangers
⋒ being the reason someone smiles
⋒ filled chairs and bellies + good conversation