the collections

the collections

i know that photography is a huge investment. 
and while there are a million reasons for you to put it off because it seems too expensive, we promise you that there're a MILLION AND ONE reasons to say YES.
say YES because every phase of life is worth celebrating.
say YES because YOLO!
say YES because you deserve it.

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package 03: 

empowerment portraits

adventure couples 

elopements //small weddings



starting @: $500

you + your smokin hott babe.
on a mountain.
in the ocean.
in a grove of trees.
in a meadow of wildflowers.
at home on your couch.
pick your fancy! :)
i'd love to join you on your adventure!


a d v e n t u r e    c o u p l e s


starting @: $2000

i know the day you say "i do" can be CRAZY.

i will capture all the greatest moments,  the in between moments - the real YOU.
i will be there every step of the way to ensure that your day with your person is everything you've dreamed of. oh, yeah, and i'll be right next to you, tearing up the dance floor. ;)


e l o p e  m e n t s / / w e d d i n g s

tish & johnny

i had the funniest couples session of all time with them and i can not recommend them enough! they brought music and were so easy to work with and our photos were gorgeous!

the ultimate power duo!


i have never felt more empowered or beautiful in my life

having an empowerment shoot done by alexi was one the most amazing things i’ve done. obviously i was nervous about it, but she has an incredible way of making you feel comfortable, beautiful, and powerful. she takes the time to listen and understand, and just brings out the best in you. i definitely recommend it for anyone thinking about it! definitely will be doing it again.

leo & Mouneesha

seriously amazed with the whole experience!!! i’m so glad we were able to capture all the magic that happened! by far one of my favorite experiences of my life!!

by far one of my favorite experiences of my life!!

allie + john

not only did they NEVER make me feel high maintenance (and they had a strong case for it!), they invested in getting to know john & i weeks ahead of time, so that they were prepared to fully help us feel comfortable. they surprised us with personalized packages, personal deliveries, and sweet messages as we hit so many bumps leading up to our wedding. during the photoshoot, they surprised us with "personal jokes" from our conversations that made john & i LAUGH OUT LOUD - made for some great photos (hint: we're talking a corgi was involved!). mot only do i look at these photos with deep love and happiness (a first), not only do i feel like MYSELF fully in every photo, in a way i never have before, NOT ONLY did they capture the wedding party perfectly, and moments i didn't think anyone else saw... i think of our actual photoshoots with them as some of the highlights of the day. i kept the trinkets they gave me as fond memories of working with lexi & morgan - they were such a part of that wedding event in my mind!

i feel like myself  fully in every photo, in a way i never have before

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