adventurous, emotive && authentic destination photographers

hi! i'm alexi :)

i love creating art with other artists-- it truly fills my soul.
creating art art with a message has been my latest and greatest passion.
i love empowering men and women, and i incorporate mindfulness techniques into our sessions to create a safe place for expression and growth.
let's make something important.

my favourite things:

☀︎ fresh rain

☀︎ chocolate chip cookies


☀︎ Jesus

☀︎ foot-tappin' music

☀︎ mother earth

- the process -




decide what kind of shoot you want & fill out questionnaire

gather items you'd like for your shoot & select location
(book studio if that's what you want)

come prepared to make magic!
we will incorporate mindfulness into our shoot & i'll have an individualized playlist for you :)

client reviews

Alexi is an amazing photographer as well as amazing person. Everything about the way the work is personal. she cares about her clients and it shows. I feel completely safe and comfortable when shooting with her. And can we talk about the photos? Absolutely stunning! If you're looking for someone who can capture emotion and deliver a message through a photo, she does it in such a unique way. 

aj friederich

client raves

(she's) professional, warm and (her) creativity is supreme.

shane franklin

client raves

alexi was wonderful to work with! She did an amazing job at helping us feel comfortable and confident. ❤ The photos were breathtaking. ❤ Highly recommend!

meeshell hélas

client raves

her talents are unmatched and she is truly an artist. I was lucky enough to have a session with her and her passion for people, connection, emotion, and authenticity ooze from her the moment you meet her. she has a way of making you feel completely at ease in front of her camera and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!

mia minoletti

client raves

 it’s hard to pick a favorite as each one of them was a masterpiece.

mouneesha chowdary