angkor wat, cambodia

big sur, 

new zealand

na pali coast

xoxo, paper airplanes

we're paper airplanes -- alexi && morgan cox!
we're a married couple set on making a difference in the world,
&& for now, that's through photography! 
there's nothing more rewarding than helping others
see their potential && goodness.
we're obsessed with love, humans, this GORGEOUS world, traveling,
&& capturing special moments and emotion.
after saying "i do," we spent 9 months traveling through asia, falling
even more in love with each other, the world and its inhabitants.

we're passionate about:
 ✈︎ dancing in the kitchen
✈︎ saying ily every day, multiple times
✈︎ making up a language only we can understand
✈︎ helping others feel like the ROCKSTARS they are
✈︎ dutch bros + chick fil a -- with LOTS AND LOTS OF CHICK FIL A SAUCE!

our journey with photography has been SO different (alexi started by LOVING taking awful pictures of her family, using them as blackmail,
morgan started by shooting the night sky with his photographer brother), && we are so happy to share our journey together now. 
we legit can't wait to get to know you and create memories together!

it's me:)

hey, lovers!


yo!!! i'm lex!
i believe in LIVING life!
i believe in stepping outside of mediocrity
&& really making something of this
1440 minutes x day deal.
EACH DAY is important.
i'm passionate, zealous, full of energy,
&& an authentic soul, through and through. 

i'm passionate about :
⋒ fulfilling my potential
⋒ body positivity
⋒ empowering women
⋒ chocolate chip cookie dough
⋒ manatees

goofing off,
per ushe

out exploring my "own backyard" in sf!

xoxo, alexi

the main photographer, head cheerleader && your 

new bff

howdy! i'm morgan.
i'm definitely  a dreamer.
i love making plans and creating a life that gets me excited, && helping others do the same.
i'm tall, canadian && hilarious.

i'm passionate about:
☽ learning languages
☽ singing && dancing
☽ educating myself
☽ potatoes in all varieties
☽ hammerhead sharks

favourite star: antares

i love nature

xoxo, morgan

second shooter, night sky specialist && dreamer

feelin it?

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fun facts:

alexi asked morgan to be her bf.

alexi has lived in asia for 27 months and speaks malay! 

fun facts:

morgan lived in argentina for 2 years and speaks spanish!

fun facts:

morgan commuted 29 hours to visit alexi EVERY OTHER WEEKEND while they were dating!

fun facts:

collectively, morgan and alexi have been to 36 countries...
&& counting!

fun facts:

morgan and alexi are both advanced scuba certified!

fun facts:

morgan took leading role in two community productions:
joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat && oaklahoma.

fun facts:

in university, alexi's bffs called her LEX luthor (luth for short.)

fun facts:

the gram

C H E C K   O U T